Thursday, November 21, 2013

This is great :(

Well this is great, Last week I came to find out that one of the refrigerators in DB 107 broke down and with out knowing I continued to the next part in my experiment. As I finished making my PCR master mix I got up and begun to look for my DNA extraction samples that I had left in the fridge, as I opened the fridge it was completely empty which was strange, I searched for Matt to ask him if he had moved or seen my samples which then he followed by saying oh! your samples were in there? I was disappointed when he informed me that the fridge had broken down sometime last week and no one noticed until a couple days later when everything on the inside had gone to waste. Now I have to extract the same DNA again so I can proceed to running my PCR. Hopefully I am able to get it done quickly so that I may get results fast.

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